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A group of Amazon studios working on New World, Breakaway, and Crucible.

New World deep-dives Season of the Guardian’s cooking profession streamlining

New World is adding a lot of things when the Season of the Guardian begins on March 12th, and one of those things is...

New World unveils plans for a temporary free transfer system in congested worlds

With New World continuing to experience population peaks - and the server queues that go along with them - Amazon Games has begun considering...

New World offers general timelines for fixes to quests and promises to return lost season pass progress

While Rise of the Angry Earth has certainly meant plenty of good things for New World, its release hasn't completely gone to plan either...
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New World’s latest server merges are happening tomorrow

When New World announced plans for another round of server merges affecting several servers for players in the Americas and central EU, one of...

John Smedley is leaving his position as head of Amazon Games’ San Diego studio

John Smedley is moving on from his role heading the San Diego branch of Amazon Game Studios, according to a memo sent to staff...

Blue Protocol shares details about monetization, cross-play, and game features

As the hype builds for next year's launch of Blue Protocol, so is the amount of information we're learning about Bandai Namco's MMORPG import....

New World’s October dev update video talks PvP features, a new raid, weapon tweaks, and more events

The month of October heralds a new developer video from New World, and just like previous episodes of this series, there are a lot...

New World scrambles to close a ‘very serious’ trading exploit, rises into Steam’s top 20 list

A rather serious trading exploit rocked the New World economy late last week, with Amazon Game Studios taking swift steps to hotfix it and...

New World hints at possible fresh start servers in the works

With interest -- and populations -- increasing in New World this fall, Amazon Game Studios may be considering doing a little more than recalling...
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Perfect Ten: The MMO studios that keep whiffing on new projects

Everyone makes mistakes, and that's all right. That's not necessarily a big deal. Yes, this is true when it comes to MMO studios too....
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Lost Ark’s powerpass is still inexplicably disabled after 10 days offline

If you're a fan of paid boosts in MMOs, then you'll be disappointed to know that the system is currently disabled in Lost Ark...

New World’s July 22 server merging will see some regions collapse into a single server

The New World is beginning to shrink once again, at least as far as its regional servers are concerned. Amazon Games put out a...

Vitae Aeternum: New World’s travel problem is also a storage problem

Today, I'd like to discuss the recent change that increased the experience needed to level crafting in New World: It's terrible, and it should...

New World rolls back European servers to correct over-generous tax refunds

It may be a New World, but this continued mess is getting awfully old. Yesterday, European players started reporting that they were granted huge...

Vitae Aeternum: Analyzing New World’s storytelling

I've been wanting to write this column for a while, but it's been a struggle to find the words. I'm never sure of how...

The Daily Grind: What do you think of Lost Ark so far?

The buzz on the MMO streets is all about an Amazon Game Studios release -- no, not New World, but rather Lost Ark. The...
New World

Vitae Aeternum: New World through the eyes of an Elder Scrolls Online and EVE Online player

When I heard that Amazon Game Studios was releasing an MMO, my plan was to watch from the sidelines until such time that all...

Twitch suffers massive data breach as a hacker gets away with source code and streamer payout details

Twitch is having a very bad day today as a hacker has managed to hack and release 125GB worth of data, which has since...

Amazon Game Studios retracts policies that claim rights to games made by workers after hours

Nobody is going to accuse Amazon Game Studios of being a house of ideas, considering the studio has already been exposed as a place...

New World kicks off the Tales of Aeturnum series with the Angry Earth

It's going to be a little longer until you get to try out New World, but the development team is doing its bets to...