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A group of Amazon studios working on New World, Breakaway, and Crucible.

Amazon’s New World demo: Fishing, Reekwater, and hands-on havoc

It's certainly been rough seas for Amazon's upcoming New World over the past year -- especially with a significant change of development direction...

Amazon is apparently working on a new unnamed sci-fi MMO

Former SOE and Daybreak boss John Smedley has been a fixture at Amazon Game Studios for the last few years, working on at least...

First impressions: New World has the foundation of what could be a great game

Like a lot of people, I've been hotly anticipating Amazon's New World, one of the first truly big name new MMOs we've...
It tracks.

Vague Patch Notes: New World delays to add the game into the game

All right. Someone has to ask it, and it doesn't need to be me but it's still going to be me because I feel...
Let's set up shop.

Amazon’s New World delays again – this time to spring 2021

We weren't alone here in calling Amazon Game Studios' original launch window of spring 2020 for New World "foolhardy" and "premature." And we're...

Massively Overthinking: Can Amazon actually save Crucible?

Earlier this week, Amazon pulled Crucible back into closed beta for some hefty retooling, a move that surprised basically no one. We'd watched...

Amazon’s New World sails for closed beta in July before its August launch

While it wasn't ready for primetime this past spring, New World is prepared to make a big splash when it arrives later this...

Amazon’s New World gears up with all the loot you can handle

Let's not beat around the bush, here: We are all loot fanatics. We love getting those choice drops and seeing our bags fill up...
I half-see.

Amazon’s Crucible delivers a five-minute overview

Amazon Game Studios hopes you aren't too busy next week -- perhaps even staying home for the duration. And if you're just hanging around,...

LOTRO Legendarium: What I want from Amazon’s Lord of the Rings MMO

While my primary interest and focus in this column continues to be Lord of the Rings Online, I'm not so stubborn as to...

Multiplayer shooter Crucible starts stirring the hype with several character reveals

Well, it seems like Amazon Game Studios is all done staying quiet about Crucible. Hot off the heels of a summary video...
Gun or run.

Amazon Game Studios’ PvPvE shooter Crucible launches May 20 — here’s a video outlining its modes

Most of the news regarding Amazon's online multiplayer shooter Crucible has been kind of thin. We know that it's made some pretty...
It tracks.

Amazon says New World’s territorial sieges represent a ‘social dynamism that no other game has’

Amazon Game Studios may have delayed New World and changed its PvP up dramatically, but it's apparently going to keep on pumping out...

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings MMO is hiring, online shooter Crucible gets a launch window

We are still largely in the dark when it comes to Amazon Game Studio's upcoming Lord of the Rings MMO, but a new...

Guild Wars 2’s Super Adventure Box is coming mid-April, not next week, and there’s no new World

I've joked a few times this week about how badly my kids want to play Super Adventure Box in Guild Wars 2, and...

Guild Wars 2 Game Director Mike Zadorojny left for Amazon Games Studios – in November

Two weeks ago, we reported that Guild Wars 2 Game Director Mike Zadorojny had quietly departed ArenaNet last fall. Originally leaked by...

New World’s director envisions an open world game where PvP and PvE players complement each other

New World game director Scot Lane has checked in recently with an update from the game's alpha in a new letter to...
Sometimes the issue comes back to a failure to launch.

Perfect Ten: Son of conversations with anthropomorphic MMO studios

It has been a while since I've had any more conversations with anthropomorphic representations of MMO studios. Why? Because it's not fun for...

You’re going to have to work to get a home in New World

If you've already called the movers to lug your stuff into New World when it (supposedly) launches this spring, you might want to...
Same old story.

New World lays out its argument for three-sided PvP

Don't count New World's PvP side down-and-out just yet. Amazon Game Studios made a strong case this past week for why the MMORPG's...