New World unveils plans for a temporary free transfer system in congested worlds


With New World continuing to experience population peaks – and the server queues that go along with them – Amazon Games has begun considering solutions that go beyond opening more servers; the studio is laying the groundwork for temporary free transfers for players on a congested server to another server that’s less populated.

The feature in question was tested this past Friday for US East players in a limited-time spot test that allowed players to transfer from their normal server to a different server from the character selection options menu during peak queue times. The transfer is completely free but otherwise has the same restrictions as any other server transfer, such as the inability to move from a regular server to a fresh start server or to move cross-region.

Amazon says that once the feature goes live in full, it will become available as a temporary option “only when queue times are high, such as after major updates or expansions,” and paid transfers will be temporarily disabled in the in-game store for all regions when temporary transfers are engaged. What the post doesn’t answer is what happens to players if they want to move back to their original server when the heat dies down as well as what happens to social features like friends and guilds. Ideally this recent spot of impromptu testing answered some of those matters.

source: Twitter
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