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New World’s Australian Sutekh server is no longer a fresh start world because of small population size

When New World announced the rollout of fresh start servers last October, it did so with the plan of making them separate from regular...

The Daily Grind: Are you irritated by paid server transfers in MMORPGs?

A few weeks back, MOP's Eliot covered a World of Warcraft sale that caught my attention: Concurrent with the launch of Eternity's End, Blizzard...
Faces and offs.

World of Warcraft: Classic is planning to allow free character transfers off low-population servers

The direction of free server transfers can tell you a lot about what's coming next for a game's servers. If WoW Classic were offering players...
Play for a while.

New World’s server transfers finally went live last night — here’s how you can still move

For the past month, the question for New World players hasn't been so much "what are you up to?" but rather "where are you...

New World delays server transfers to fix ‘edge case’ problems – here’s how they’ll work

Players of New World still stuck on servers they don't want to be on thanks to the game's previous massive queues are likely waiting...
I want to like you a lot.

Blade and Soul turns on character transfers, streamlines evolution process

Frustrated with being tied to a server in Blade and Soul while watching your friends gallivant around on another shard? There's a reunion in...

NCsoft is linking Blade & Soul’s servers next week

Is it a merge or something not as dire? Either way, Blade & Soul is preparing to make some significant adjustments to its server structure...

Character transfers in SWTOR were (temporarily?) free last night

Our embedded reporter in Star Wars: The Old Republic -- me! -- discovered first-hand last night that character transfers had been made free for an unknown reason. This...
Yeah, we're boned.

MapleStory preps character server transfer event

So you've been playing MapleStory for a while, but when you convinced your friends to start playing, they all wound up playing on a...
Red sky at night, everything's boned.

Lord of the Rings Online opens up free transfers in anticipation of server merges

Right now, you can move your character around servers in Lord of the Rings Online for free. You'll need to take advantage of that...

ArcheAge taking sign-ups for free server transfers soon

In just a few days, ArcheAge will begin accepting sign-ups for server -- sorry, evolution -- transfers. Trion Worlds announced yesterday that players affected by...