World of Warcraft: Classic is planning to allow free character transfers off low-population servers

Faces and offs.

The direction of free server transfers can tell you a lot about what’s coming next for a game’s servers. If WoW Classic were offering players free transfers from high-population servers to low-population servers, for example, you would know instantly that the game was having some login queue issues on those servers and wanted to ameliorate the problem. But the upcoming set of transfers flows in the opposite direction, allowing free transfers off of low-population servers and on to the more populated servers, which indicates possible merges in the future and a distinct need for more players together.

So who gets to move? We don’t know yet; all the official announcement confirms is that the free transfers are on the way and the direction of those transfers, not the actual server names just yet. Still, if you’re on a smaller server where the population is down to you and Trab, you might want to get ready to say farewell to Trab. Or not, if Trab is a jerk.

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