New World’s server transfers finally went live last night — here’s how you can still move

Play for a while.

For the past month, the question for New World players hasn’t been so much “what are you up to?” but rather “where are you right now?” The chaotic mess of launch, packed servers, and hundreds of additional new realms resulted in friends and guilds scattered about. In those early days, Amazon promised free server transfers to help bring pals back together, but what was supposed to be a Week Two feature ended up slipping to week four – yesterday.

According to the studio, transfers for Australia, South America, the United States, and Europe are all up and active. As promised, all accounts are receiving a single token for a free transfer, with possible free tokens doled out in the future. While players have the freedom to move where they will, there are a couple of limitations: Players can’t move to full worlds, worlds in maintenance, and worlds where they already have a character. And of course, you should at least go pick up your free title and idle.

Here’s the official chart of New World’s server populations to help you make your move. And if you’re ready to transfer your character, Amazon provided a guide and video to help you through the process:

Source: Twitter, #2
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