Guild Wars 2 reveals the Engineer’s Mechanist spec, details next week’s beta

ArenaNet is taking the wraps off its ninth and final elite spec for Guild Wars 2’s End of Dragons today: It’s the Engineer’s Mechanist, “a dynamic innovator, using their mechanical expertise and advanced Canthan technology to battle alongside a jade mech of their own creation.” And as awesome as this looks, you can kinda understand why it was saved for last.

“Choose your mech’s traits and use it to crush your enemies—together, you’re unstoppable. Mech Commands are selected by the player’s trait choices—in effect, the specialization traits you choose customize your mech’s loadout for combat. The mechanist can specialize in various combat roles. They gain access to the mace as a new main-hand weapon, which can be used to apply barriers to allies, synergizing strongly with specific traits in the specialization. Signet utility skills allow them to give further bonuses to themselves and the mech. These signets can have a variety of impacts, such as commanding your mech to emit a large protective force field for allies to shelter inside, creating an electric field around it to confuse enemies, or commanding your mech to unleash its ultimate weapon, the Jade Buster Cannon.”

Earlier this week, the studio unveiled the Thief’s scepter-wielding Specter and the Ranger’s bunny-thumpin’ Untamed specs.

Click to read the Specter's blurb

“By utilizing their Shadow Shroud, the specter harnesses the power of shadow magic to debilitate their enemies and preserve the health of their allies. By diving straight into the shadows, they’ve learned to control them. With this new specialization, the thief sacrifices a portion of their initiative pool and gains a new resource called Shadow Force. Siphon replaces Steal, instead granting you the ability to inflict conditions on your foes while generating Shadow Force. Wielding a scepter, the specter hurls bolts of tormenting shadow magic at enemies. The weapon set includes new dual attacks based on your available off-hand weapons, and it delivers potent ranged condition damage to enemies that cross its path. The specter utilizes wells, a mobile method of delivering supportive and offensive playstyles around the battlefield. Each well skill will shadowstep you to your targeted location and then lay the well at your feet, allowing you to harry foes with offensive effects or bolster allies.”

Click to read the Untamed's blurb

“The untamed and their pet juggle control of a raw, primal power to defeat their foes. Their pet weakens their prey before the untamed reclaims that vicious, raw power and delivers the final strike. The untamed is a melee brawler with the ability to shift from an aggressive damage dealer to a defensive bruiser. This transition is enabled by their Unleash ability, which passes a powerful nature magic between the untamed and their pet. Pets in this unleashed state gain access to new abilities that disrupt and debilitate nearby enemies. Additionally, the untamed’s bond with their pets grants them more direct control over the default abilities of each pet, ensuring that they’ll always be ready to strike when the time is right. The hammer wielded by the untamed is also affected by their Unleashed state, allowing for an adaptable playstyle depending on the situation. For their utility skills, the untamed gains access to the cantrip skill type. These cantrips create various defensive and crowd-control effects, giving the untamed the tools they need to thrive in melee combat.”

All three specs, in addition to the previous six, will be on display during next week’s beta. “The third beta for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons kicks off next Tuesday, October 26 and runs until Saturday October 30, giving players a first look at the final three new elite specializations coming to the expansion next February,” the studio notes. “Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons will have one final beta event featuring all nine professions and the first hands-on with the siege turtle, the game’s first co-op mount, taking place in November.” Like the two previous betas, this one is open to all players of the game, even free-to-play players; all you’ll need to do is log in and create a temporary character and you’ll be outfitted for the new specs.

Source: Press release
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