New World delays server transfers again to avoid disrupting weekend play

And again.

Last week, Amazon Games had announced that server transferring for New World players would be pushed back to fix some “edge case” problems that were discovered. At the time of that writing, the devs had stated intentions to kick off the transfer process sometime this week. Now that this week is nearly over, and there’s been no server transfers available yet, players are likely wondering just when they’re coming. The devs came back yesterday with a fresh update: Transfers are being delayed yet again, once more pushing the transfer service into next week.

Why the new delay? According to the announcement, the devs don’t want to step in the way of the weekend, the game’s busiest time of the week. “We’ve worked on this feature non-stop every day to make good on our date estimations, but releasing it now would mean downtime, server balance changing based on transfers, Wars that might not go through due to different rosters, and the like,” explains the post.

That said, the post does state that the “final piece” to make server transfers happen is in place, and it further promises that several communications will be released in the near future, including more specific details around the transfer feature’s rollout and a deep dive into the lessons learned in the past couple of weeks. If you’re among those raring to move from one server to another, it looks like you’ll have to hold those horses a few days longer.

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