And again.

New World delays server transfers again to avoid disrupting weekend play

Last week, Amazon Games had announced that server transferring for New World players would be pushed back to fix some "edge case" problems that...

New World delays server transfers to fix ‘edge case’ problems – here’s how they’ll work

Players of New World still stuck on servers they don't want to be on thanks to the game's previous massive queues are likely waiting...

New World’s Amazon Games has major ambitions for the gaming industry

So New World appears to be Amazon Games' first success after two major stumbles. Is it going to be its last? Amazon CEO Andy...

New World posts bug patch, preps transfers, finds its Instagram account hacked

If you're trying to play New World this morning, you're going to be stymied, as the game is down for maintenance, but it's for...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 341: New World roundtable

Justin, Bree, Andy, and Tyler head up a roundtable podcast on the launch of New World’s, discussing the server mess, first impressions, likes and dislikes, and tips on how to find a good guild.

New World is finally implementing detection for ‘bad-faith AFK players’

The ongoing queues and frustrations surrounding New World haven't gone away in the week since the game launched. As we noted over the weekend,...

MMO Week in Review: New World reaches 913K concurrent players and queuers

New World has dominated the MMORPG headlines - and really all gaming headlines - this week as Amazon's new AAA MMO finally launched around...

New World stops people from rolling on full servers, posts capacity list, and hits 800K concurrent

Those hoping to get some good playtime in with New World this weekend need all of the strategic aid that they can get, what...

New World, Day 4: New servers, long queues, transfers next week, and Jeff Bezos weighs in

We're guessing the engineers at Amazon Games aren't getting much sleep right about now. Since the launch of New World on Tuesday, the servers...

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Hands-on: Does New World hold up in the midgame and beyond?

You know how you're granted a look at a new game, whether it's through an open beta or a demo or a preview event,...

New World is live around the globe as some queues cap at 25K and concurrency passes 700K

Amazon's New World is officially live everywhere now as the West coast servers have just gone live, and it's blown way past its beta...

The Daily Grind: So, are you playing New World on launch today?

I'd tell you not to plan on playing New World today, but... you're MMORPG players. You already know this advice, and you're probably also...