New World stops people from rolling on full servers, posts capacity list, and hits 800K concurrent


Those hoping to get some good playtime in with New World this weekend need all of the strategic aid that they can get, what with the servers literally overflowing with interest and demand.

To help figuring out when and where to play the game, Amazon Game Studio posted a full list of its legion of servers along with helpful icons stating if the shards are online, offline, at full capacity, or undergoing maintenance. It also notified gamers that full servers would refuse any new character creation until they got, um, less full.

The studio repeated its promise to both add to the server count and increase the relatively limited population caps of the existing servers. On Saturday morning, New World continues to sit very comfortably at the number two spot on Steam, with well over a half-million players in the game or sitting in the sometimes hours-long queues. The game set a new concurrency record on Friday at 800,000.

Source: New World
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