New World posts bug patch, preps transfers, finds its Instagram account hacked


If you’re trying to play New World this morning, you’re going to be stymied, as the game is down for maintenance, but it’s for a good cause: It’s rolling out update 1.0.1.

“While members of our team are working tirelessly on ensuring players can find a server to call their long-term home with the character transfer feature, other members have worked on a few additional quality of life updates and bug fixes to ensure that once players have entered Aeternum they’re able to play and progress as intended,” Amazon says. “We’ve implemented the groundwork for the character server transfer, and you may see elements of that work in the in-game store. We’re continuing to work on this feature, and will have more information on how the system works later this week when we release server transfers.”

So transfers aren’t in yet, what is? Tweaks to turrets, AFK prevention, queue confirmation, and a medium list of bug fixes.

Oh, incidentally, if you’re wondering what’s going on with New World’s instagram, apparently it was “compromised.” The new instagram posts, which now display a game unrelated to New World and have clearly been hacked, insist “there is no such thing as any hacking.” Ouch.

Didn’t quite go to plan and wound up extending the maintenance.

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