New World delays server transfers to fix ‘edge case’ problems – here’s how they’ll work


Players of New World still stuck on servers they don’t want to be on thanks to the game’s previous massive queues are likely waiting for the opportunity to move to servers where their friends are. Unfortunately, we have some bad news: You’re going to have to wait a bit longer, as Amazon Games has found some “edge case” problems with the system, and so free server transfers are now delayed a bit longer as the studio addresses the newly discovered issues.

While that is unfortunate news, the post does further clarify how server transfers will work once everything has been ironed out. Players will first need to log into the game (and once more sit in a queue), leave any Company they may be a part of on their current server, head to the in-game store, and pick up their server transfer token for free from there. Once the transfer is made, all character, faction, and alliance progress, storage inventory, currencies, quest progress, and housing decor will carry over, but any trading post orders and friends lists will not. Additionally, characters can only be moved to different servers that are in the same region, provided they’re not listed as full, down for maintenance, or have another character in them.

“We know that Server Transfers are highly anticipated and we are working diligently to provide the best possible experience for you,” closes the post. “We appreciate your patience and anticipate transfers will be available next week.”

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