New World’s update adjusts faction influence, but we still have no transfers


We’ve made it past the two-week mark since the launch of Amazon’s New World, and this week, MOP’s even kicked off a new column detailing our experiences in the game so far. But of course, those experiences are shifting as the game is changing underneath us: Today’s early morning patch touched on multiple bugs and server transfers. No, the transfers are not ready yet; Amazon is still working on it.¬†What is ready is the tweaks to faction missions.

“We adjusted the rates of influence gain over time so that it will continue to require significant effort over time to flip a territory into conflict state: Reduced the amount of influence increase over time significantly for attacking factions. This is to account for a bug we found where the increase was multiplied much faster than intended over time. Removed the decrease in influence over time for defending factions.”

Among the bug list are fixes to Easy Anti-Cheat, treasure chests, heal-targeting, dog-petting, mob respawns, store purchases, and that whole thing where you could respawn as a corpse.

Maintenance this morning was expected to be five hours, but as I type this, some regions have been slower to return to service.

Source: Patch notes
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