Corepunk shows off 15 minutes of PvE gameplay

These cores require additional punks.

When I saw that Corepunk’s Artificial Core had put up a 15-minute video of the game’s PvE experience, my immediate reaction was, “About dang time!” After all, there are some of us who harbor a small but fierce hope that this mixed-genre MMO will actually turn into something special.

The narration-free video demonstrates how Corepunk’s isometric vantage point and click-and-move gameplay will work. Honestly, this has League of Legends vibes all over it, especially with the graphics and animations — and that’s not an insult. There’s a whole lot of combat, soundbites, and meaty effects present.

Corepunk’s lost-anticipated beta has suffered a couple delays, the most recent of which pushed it all the way into December 2021.

Source: YouTube
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