Corepunk delays its beta testing until December


Bad news to anyone who was heavily anticipating Corepunk’s previously planned first beta test happening this month. The developers made a short video today announcing that technical issues made it unavoidable that the team would have to delay, and while the team is optimistic and targeting October internally, the beta test has been pushed back to December to ensure that things are not overpromised and underdelivered. That’s a pretty substantial four-month delay.

Of course, considering that this is a delay from an earlier delay, which itself was a delay past December 2020… draw your own conclusions.

The bright side for fans of the game is that the team is getting more confident about showing off the title’s gameplay and systems, with another new video released today showing off character customization for all the world to see. Still, that probably won’t quite take the edge off if you were hoping to have the game in some sort of playable state sooner rather than later. Hopefully that goes hand-in-hand with the game’s consideration of PvE servers, too.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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A wise choice if it’s not ready. While frustrating it seems the MMO community is far more tolerant of delays than launching a bug ridden, incomplete game.

Yuge McBigly

“There are 9 different combos”
**Video shows 12 combos**



It’s the fashion to delay. But good on them, take as long as they need to make the game they want without it been pushed out half baked.


Considering how many MMOs are going for full launch, Early Access and betas currently, delaying the beta test to December is not that bad a decision. Might get more attention by then, and a game being in a better shape by then won’t hurt.

Vanquesse V

“when it rains, it pours”. This year sure has been weirdly refreshing for mmo fans.