Corepunk is finally considering PvE servers, plans multiple closed betas


We were taken a bit aback in early April when the Corepunk team seemed to assert that all of its servers would contain world PvP, despite acknowledging that many players would not want that. Fortunately, now it seems that strong consideration is being given to PvE-only servers to those who want them.

This news comes out of a compilation of developer questions and answers from the Discord server. “We are thinking about PvP and PvE dedicated servers on release,” the team’s lead game designer said. “What do you think? I mean, we still have not decided yet, but wanted to know what you guys think. By PvE servers, I mean no free open-world PvP, but you will still have all access to cross-realm arenas and battlegrounds.”

Other items up for consideration include possible Korean servers, the ability to access all professions on a single character, and roleplay servers.

Additionally, the team confirmed on Reddit that there will be multiple beta tests: “The CBT-1 will be three days long (August 25th through 28th) and there will be a CBT-2 and CBT-3. The CBT-1 will be more of a stress test for the servers/game. The first gameplay related videos will be posted during June.”

Source: Corepunk
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