Corepunk’s second Q&A session reveals a strange take on PvP design


The questions keep coming for fantasy-scifi MMORPG Corepunk, and the devs keep dishing answers back. For a second week in a row, Artificial Core compiled a whole bunch of fan questions for the upcoming MMO and answered them to varying degrees of satisfaction.

Topics with this Q&A included guild size limits, enchanting, backpack sizes, cross-server battlegrounds, player inspection, a gauntlet dungeon, and cosmetics. The team said that it’s now focusing on 18 class specializations for launch, with another 18 coming afterward. And if you were wondering, yes, you’ll be able to be run over by the public transport train in this game if you’re unlucky or just bored.

Corepunk’s skill system sounds fairly flexible. “There will be twenty universal skills,” Artificial Core elaborated. “Twelve skills will be shared, and each of the four cultures will have two unique skills.”

One topic that the team elaborated on was the PvP angle of the game, which sounds unavoidable after a point: “The farther out you go from these heavily trafficked areas, the lower your risk of being engaged in random PvP. We absolutely understand that a huge portion of the MMORPG community prefers a fully PvE gameplay experience. This is why we chose to create an open world with wasteland areas, allowing players to determine the extent of their involvement in PvP.”

Source: Corepunk
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