Corepunk plans August beta test, late-December launch


Spike up your mohawks, hack into the Gibson, and binge-watch Blade Runner, because you’re going to need all the advantage you can get to handle this summer’s Corepunk beta.

In the game’s third dev video, Artificial Core announced that it’s going to hold a 10,000-player, NDA-free closed beta test on August 25th. While the studio wanted to rev up the beta this spring, it decided to hold off so that players’ all-important first impressions would be of a full-featured (but not fully finished) game. The beta will be hosted on servers in the USA, Brazil, Europe, and Russia, with localization for all of those regions.

Artificial Core said that it’s devoted to keeping the team healthy without any crunch occurring. It also said that it’s still “optimistic” about a late-December release for the MMORPG.

Source: YouTube

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