Corepunk MMORPG delays its closed beta until next spring


While it should come as no surprise to anyone looking at a calendar, the Corepunk closed beta ain’t happening this month as once promised. Developer Artificial Core announced that it’s delaying the CBT until next spring, thanks to COVID, Shadowlands, and Cyberpunk 2077.

At least you can console yourself with Corepunk’s Q4 020 newsletter, which has a lot of good news and reveals tucked inside of it. The studio said that it’s making great progress on a collaboration with Unity and is in talks with Multiplay (the same tech company that helped Apex Legends) to get its backend set up to handle plenty of players with no performance issues.

Corepunk also posted a new Heroes page on the website with the current three classes (Bomber, Champion, and Paladin), talked up its forum and website revamps, and explained how guilds will work (just in case you’ve never played an MMORPG before).

“Guilds can level up through various in-game activities, like completing guild tasks. Members will have access to special quests that affect their guild’s upgrade points, bonuses, buffs and other rewards,” Artificial Core said.

Source: Corepunk

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Justin was talking about this on the podcast. Looks great!

James Crow

unlike the new generation of gamers i think me and alot of players are prefer devs to delay games until they think its ready and not rush it bc people want to play.

i really like the world they show us and the systems… still the only thing that make me not to buy it its the gameplay speed, i really think they need to change it so it would feel more like torchlight/diablo game than moba game.

Jake Boller

This is my #1 most anticipated game right now. Better to delay beta than rush it out.


Agreed. For me Corepunk is the only interesting-looking new MMO currently in development (aside maybe from Hytale, but the scale of multiplayer in that one is still unknown). If they can do a polished job of mixing WoW with Albion Online and stay away from PvP gankbox shenanigans, they could be on to a winner. Keeping my fingers crossed this turns into something good and that Unity as an engine will handle it well.