It’s official: Gamigo’s new game is Kickstarted sandbox MMORPG Fractured


As we’ve been covering for the last couple of weeks, Gamigo’s been teasing a big new secret MMORPG, and the community was already pretty sure it was Dynamight Studios’ MMORPG Fractured. Why? Well, the artwork and narrative lined up, there was a line in Gamigo’s investor report describing the game as a sandbox MMO with an existing community, and the Fractured team got a big blast of secret investment back in June. Oh yeah, and the “uncertain folder” website where Gamigo stashed all the teasers just happens to be an anagram for Fractured Online.

Well, score one of the community, as Gamigo announced today that it is indeed publishing Fractured for dev studio Dynamight. Fractured is actually a crowdfunded Italian SpatialOS MMORPG that funded on Kickstarter for over $130,000 back in 2018; it’s an open-world sandbox with a focus on economy, PvP, and character development that’s been running alpha tests all year, as anyone lucky enough to snag a key from us already knows. Launch was originally expected in 2021, though that’s been pushed off a bit. This past summer, the studio doubled the size of the team working on the game, apparently thanks to Gamigo’s backing.

The game’s long-running Discord is ablaze over the news and concerns about the influence of Gamigo, which has sunsetted multiple MMORPGs just in 2021 alone; as of this morning, the Dynamight’s CEO and lead designer, Jacopo Gallelli, hasn’t weighed in for the community, though he’s quoted in the press release. Also quoted in the PR? Gamigo COO Andreas Weidenhaupt, who says the publisher sees “huge potential in the game.” The website’s seen a bit of an overhaul too, as did the game’s social media handles, so if it’s been a while since you peeked in, you might want to go see what Gamigo’s doing to spruce it up.

Source: Press release
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