New World rolls back European servers to correct over-generous tax refunds


It may be a New World, but this continued mess is getting awfully old. Yesterday, European players started reporting that they were granted huge sums of in-game money as tax refunds from Amazon Game Studios. All of this unexpected income then ran rampant through the game’s economy — most notably in a massive buying spree.

To tackle the issue, Amazon took down the EU servers and a little over two hours into the problem and then decided to roll back all characters and progress to when the issue began. While this may have reset the economy before it got completely borked, the rollback created an unintended effect of virtually stranding characters who transferred servers during that time.

“Upon examination, it was clear that there was no clean path to reversing only the players who were granted money, as the secondary effects were widespread and involved many more players and systems,” the studio explained.

Source: New World
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