New World’s latest patch hands out cash, holds back missing gear compensation


I sure do hope the Amazon devs get to go home for Thanksgiving, but at least as of late last night, the team was still cranking out much-needed bug fixes for New World.

The patch notes address the Ritual quest, “speculative stability” fixes, and coin reimbursements to guilds affected by all the weird time-skipping issues. Amazon says that this will be a one-time reimbursement for war decs issued since the 1.1 patch, as well as for housing taxes and territory stations in the same timeframe. Expect those to conclude by the end of the holiday weekend.

The compensation has led to – you guessed it – a rash of new bug reports from players saying they’re being given excessive amounts of cash and that the previously deflated economy is now blowing up as players spend their cash on the market.

And as for all the missing harvester gear that vanished last week? Well, you might actually come out ahead on that one, as the reimbursement was at least intended to include a full set of that gear at the tier of your highest old piece – not shabby at all.

“In our latest update, we made a mistake that treated all tiers of the in-game Horticulture harvesting gear as future content, and unintentionally removed them from the game,” the studio writes. “We apologize for this bug that has caused you to lose some items you rightfully earned.” However, in a follow-up message, the studio says that its original plan to distribute chests of gear as compensation might need extra tweaking.

“The gear we intended to provide had stats and player level requirements that would have caused significant and unintentional imbalances in both PvE and PvP play. We want to make sure to get you the gear exactly as described while keeping the experience fair and balanced. We will be correcting this and issuing the gear later than we had thought – we will update when we know that schedule. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your patience and understanding.”

Source: Patch notes
Aaaaaand it’s gone.


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It’s genuinely disappointing to see AGS fail over and over again with this game. It is not a stretch to say that every time they “fix” one thing, they break two other things. I’ve not seen such a comedy of errors in quite some time.

I’ve put a few hundred hours in, and I honestly had a blast here and there. But wow, I’ve never seen a community implode so quickly. It’s painful to watch.

Dagget Burmese

Might be interesting to track their Steam activity and see where it goes from Dec 3 onwards…


they’re fairly close to dropping off the steam top-10 list

… maybe in another year it’ll be worth checking out


With Amazon doing everything in their power to decrease the active playerbase the game won’t last “another year” ;-)

Dug From The Earth

Was thinking about the “Free” reimbursed harvesting tools they are handing out.

They said they can tell what max tier tools you had, and will give you a set equal to that.

Here is the problem

Tools have item mods on them that give extra bonuses, like luck, xp, azoth, durability, etc. Many people go through the grind (time and money) crafting the tools they want with the specific bonuses they want. This can take a LONG time and a LOT of money.

So unless they can tell what mods you had on your tools, and replace those mods on the free tools, people are getting shorted in the end. (those who actually lose theirs.)

Vanquesse V

it wasn’t tools but the harvesting related armor set that got deleted. While your point about random perks is still valid, getting reimbursed with predetermined middle of the road harvesting armor is a lesser blow than getting a worse tool, IMHO at least.

Dug From The Earth

it is better than nothing.

its just sad that their solutions to their own problems are hindered as the original games design.

Im dumbfounded how they dont have item tracking. Whoever does their database work and design needs to be replaced, because its amateur hour.

(good example… rather than simply tracking an item through different tables in the database, instead, they were taking an item in one table, deleting it, and creating a new identical item in another table without any verification between the two. Just absurd. Its how duping items was so easy.)

And what about backups? they really dont have backup Databases of players gear at the time of the issue happening? Seriously?

Amazon, “We have tons of money at our finger tips… lets hire the lowest paid people we can find that have the bare minimum understanding on the needed skills.”

Vanquesse V

I think the game is generally fine, but some exceptionally stupid choices were made early on, and a whole new batch of them hit as the game launched.
The question for me is if the “dumb stuff frequency” will go down over time or not. If it does I think this will turn out fine, but if not they won’t be able to catch up with the fixes.

Turing fail
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Turing fail

Software regression wack-a-mole…