New World offers general timelines for fixes to quests and promises to return lost season pass progress


While Rise of the Angry Earth has certainly meant plenty of good things for New World, its release hasn’t completely gone to plan either – a matter that, to its credit, Amazon Games has acknowledged and worked to keep players up to speed on corrections. A couple more such updates arrived to players overnight by way of the game’s status update Twitter account, which notes updates on a pair of important fronts.

First, a soon-to-arrive hotfix will address bugs that have halted progress on main story quests, including the restoration of missing tier 4 and tier 5 azoth staffs and the return of the Marauder NPC Tibbs for the Trial of the Gladiator quest.

Second, a hotfix deployed last week fixed the root cause of a season pass bug that reset pass progress after a world reset or crash, but didn’t manage to bring back what was lost. Amazon is working on bringing back that lost progress to those affected, but it does point out that distribution of this lost XP will take “multiple distributions for everyone affected to be remedied.” Further details are promised later.

In the meantime, the latest Forged in Aeternum video is live, which brings on several members of the development team to talk about how they created the in-game cinematics for the expansion. That video awaits below for those who are interested.

sources: Twitter (1, 2), YouTube
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