Diablo Immortal brings Hallow’s Wake event October 18, Diablo IV primes players for Season of Blood


The Diablo franchise is already a Halloween-adjacent sort of experience, but that’s by no means a reason for the mobile version Diablo Immortal to skip out on celebrating the holiday. In fact, here comes a Halloween event. Shambling towards you. Reaching for your flesh — wait, no, it’s reaching for your wallet!

Wednesday, October 18th, will see the beginning of the Hallow’s Wake seasonal event, which will task players level 30 and up with slaying various ghosts, goblins, and ghouls for hallowed stone currency that can be traded in for cosmetics, items, and character-transforming costumes. Other returning events will be kicking off as well, including Trial of the Hordes on October 13th, All Clans on Deck on October 14th, Hungering Moon on October 21st, and Wild Brawl on October 20th.

While these events have specific dates and times, the patch that brings them into the game today also has other things on deck like class balancing, the option to replay dungeons, updates to shadow war mode, and a revamping of item combat levels. The patch notes grant all of the details.

Meanwhile, Blizzard is continuing to try to drum up hype for the October 14th Season of Blood in Diablo IV by way of videos – one on Twitter and another on YouTube – which provide a basic rundown of the features coming in the update. Both videos effectively say about the same thing, so choose whichever one you can watch with your available time.

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