Amazon’s New World closed beta finally begins today – check out the trailer!


Happy beta day, New World! Yes, Amazon Games’ long-awaited MMORPG is finally rolling into closed beta today as the last leg of testing – and hype – before its launch on August 31st. And it is indeed testing; there will be a wipe before launch. But there’s no NDA, meaning that we’re all going to get a completely clean shot at the pre-launch build.

If you’ve already prepurchased the game or clickied the clicks way back when the game was still a “free” title on Amazon’s storefront, you should already have been sent your beta key; I got mine last night, for example, and Amazon said the keys were still being dispatched 12 hours ago. A rumor going around Reddit suggests all Amazon Prime members can access it as well. But beyond that, your only way in is getting a lucky invite from signing up for the beta on the official site or grabbing a key from the bajillions of hopeful streamers with giveaways.

The client is already available for download, and the studio is planning a devcast at noon EDT today, when it’ll release the trailer, open the gates, and shower followers with Twitch drops. We’ll be updating with the key bits, of course, or you can watch it yourself.

We’ve had five different MOP writers deliver multiple hands-on with the post-revamp version of the title already, most recently from MOP’s PvP columnist Sam, who attended last week’s press event and posted impressions of the new Outpost Rush PvPvE battleground and the new Lazarus Instrumentality PvE dungeon.

Source: Twitter
The studio has added even more servers to the beta list:

And the trailer is now live!

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