Lord of the Rings Online tests Brawler and Legendary Items 2.0, reveals fall expansion name: Fate of Gundabad


It’s as big of a week for Lord of the Rings Online as possible without an actual release. That’s because Standing Stone Games finally started testing two major features that are coming to the game in the near future: the Brawler class and the long, long-awaited legendary item revamp.

The studio said that Brawlers “forgo weapons in favor of battle gauntlets and steel armour, hurling themselves into battle to the benefit of friend and devastation of foe.” The class can be accessed by any race (except Beornings) and can spec for damage, off-tanking, and support.

As for Legendary Items 2.0, the new system is far more streamlined, utilizing socketed items (called “traceries”) that can allow for growth without having to replace the weapon or class item.

Also, the official name and logo for this fall’s expansion has been revealed: Fate of Gundabad.

Source: LOTRO, Twitter. Thanks Phil!
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