The Daily Grind: Do you think Crowfall has a future?


So Crowfall developer Artcraft suffered a batch of layoffs. This is not in and of itself all that unusual; lots of companies have layoffs after a launch. But the thing is that this is hardly the first sign of trouble for Crowfall as a whole, especially when the game specifically ensured player numbers could not be automatically tracked when players were already spooked by what looked like low counts. None of these things is unheard of in the MMO industry, but taken all together, it’s not a great look for the game.

Maybe you’re not worried about any of this and see this all as part and parcel of a new game launching, especially a Kickstarted one with limited appeal from the word go. Or maybe you’re extremely worried about all of this and have a feeling that this is already the beginning of the end when the game hasn’t yet made it two months. Do you think Crowfall has a future? More specifically, do you think it has a positive one, or do you think it’s dead on arrival?

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Kevin Kershaw

I hope it has a future. They launched at such a bad time, in such a poor state. Campaigns are not well thought out and you cannot have large fights due to poor performance. Progression is so group dependent. The grind is boring af with shitty AI mobs. It’s in a laughable state. Chat is worse than mmos in 1995. All that said I think they could have something fun. Crafting and combat is good and meaningful assuming you can find a fight. I’m the core audience, I grew up on DAoC and Warhammer and love pvp. Maybe it can go free to play or give the code to a private server. Shame to loose all that work… Sucks we have no other pvp MMO options, I think they could exist if they didn’t put out such shit games. I think it’s a different topic than “nobody likes pvp games, they prey on the weak”- theme park loving sheep. 🤪

Looking at you too CU!

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Jack Pipsam

Does it have a future? Of some kind sure, I don’t think it’s going to close within six-months (depending on the studio’s financials), yet the developers unwillingness to fix or change things prior to release has hurt them drastically and their terrible communication has been noted.
While no golden-ticket, there’s always Steam and other such platforms although I think a lot of damage to the games reputation has already happened.

I don’t know what this magical second project is, but focusing on stuff like Eternal Kingdoms is a strange choice of priority, I get that the land and buildings might the cash-cow, but that can only last so long.


It depends. I think if the devs keep focus on Crowfall I think it could turn around slowly. The fact that, from what I’ve read at least, the game doesn’t feel empty when playing makes me worry less about the current population issue.

That said, if the majority of development is going to that 2nd title, that’s a bleak outlook.


Not launching on Steam/Epic really shot this game in the foot. I remember talking to some MMO friends on launch day and everyone said the same thing. “Wait, it launched I didn’t hear anything about it”



Ardra Diva

there’s a glut of PvP games and to me that’s really the problem. But it wasn’t bad at all, and if some find it entertaining, bless ’em.


I’m not really worried about the layoffs, as you point out layoffs are pretty much par-for-the-course when it comes to launching a new game. Especially true at a small studio like ArtCraft.

However, the low player numbers are of concern.

Not only are low player numbers a problem financially, in a PvP game it’s a concern from a gameplay point of view too. The game that got released simply isn’t good enough and doesn’t even come close to the original goals of the game, so something needs to change if they want the game to live.

So, long term survival really depends on the ability to change the game into something more popular. Do they have the funds to do that? Do they have a better design to chase? Do they have the staff who are capable enough, or did they just get layed off? I dont know the answers.

I also feel like Crowfall is a good cautionary tale for other devs: don’t try to make an MMO using an off-the-shelf game engine. None of them are suitable and all seem to crawl to a halt when you start approaching massively multiplayer numbers.

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As someone who pledged $500 and had friends working on the title at one point, unfortunately I don’t see it having much of a future.

I personally believe that what we’re going to see is the second title in development announced to be something along the lines of a battle royale using assets and systems like combat/crafting from Crowfall. I mean if you step back and look at it Crowfall itself is really more of a BR than an MMO in many ways. They also had the “Hunger Dome” mode in Crowfall that was a BR and they removed it. This is just an absolute guess here, but I highly doubt they are going to start from the ground up on building out new assets over the course of 1-2 years if Crowfall itself isn’t sustainable.


Hard to say, first instinct is to say no but other under performing games (i.e. SotA) keep rolling along despite predictions which said otherwise.

I mean really, who saw a Mortal Online “2” coming, or that Bless could be re-launched over and over making more money every time?

With the proper changes I imagine CF could turn things around and find a decent sized following, much like Albion Online did.

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I haven’t been bullish on any of these crowdfunded PvP MMO’s (and on very few crowdfunded MMO’s in general), but I sure hope it does. Even if it’s a future as a fairly niche (which it already is so…more niche?) MMO that caters to a dedicated playerbase.

I’m just bummed that the vast majority of the discussion around the game that I’ve seen is either explicitly or implicitly negative. I want to see more MMO’s launching to find some level of success that they we can all be happy about.