Elder Scrolls Online’s Waking Flame DLC and update 31 are live on console today

It’s not every Elder Scrolls Online update that we get to say the best parts are aimed at console players, but it’s true this round, as the Waking Flame DLC and update 31, live today on all your PlayStations and Xboxes, includes the new dynamic resolution scaling for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 and the new HDR mode. While the patch is free, the DLC is going to run non-subbers 1500 crowns; it boasts two PvE dungeons that tie into the Gates of Oblivion arc and serve as prologue to the Deadlands DLC that launches later this year.

“Red Petal Bastion: For centuries, the noble Knights of the Silver Rose had protected the people from Tamriel from the forces of Oblivion, but recently, the order has begun indiscriminately looting nearby shrines to collect holy relics, which they add to their fortress, the Red Petal Bastion. A devotee of Azura needs your help to confront this once-noble order, reclaim his stolen artifacts, and discover the secret behind the order’s sudden and violent turn.

“The Dread Cellar: Whispered to be one of the Empire’s most-feared prisons, the Dread Cellar, long thought abandoned, has begun emanating mysterious magical energies. Now home to the cultists of the Waking Flame and their Daedric minions, this once-feared site holds new evils for any would-be adventurers. A pair of Imperial Battlemages needs your assistance in their investigation of the prison’s activity, but what role does the Dread Cellar’s own past have in the cultists’ fiendish plans? And to what lengths might the Battlespire go to protect the Empire’s secrets?”

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