The Elder Scrolls Online previews Waking Flame’s Dread Cellar dungeon


As intimidating dungeon names go, “The Dread Cellar” doesn’t rank highly. You kind of think your next objectives will be the Pantry of Doom or the Evil Coat Closet. But seeing as how this particular dungeon in The Elder Scrolls Online will see you venturing into this former prison now filled with monsters summoned by a cult, there’s more than enough to get you worried without worrying too much about the name itself. Names don’t matter as much as the flaming beasts trying to bisect you, after all.

Players will take on this dungeon as part of the Waking Flame DLC, accompanying Imperial battlemages to investigate the abandoned prison and determine what is going on within its depths. Along the way you’ll face three bosses as you collect pieces for four different new item sets, weaponry, and even a special pet just for entering the dungeon in the first place. That feels more celebratory than dreaded, but hey, got to have some motivation to enter the Dread Cellar when the DLC arrives on August 23rd.


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