See: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Elder Scrolls Online invites players back to Blackwood and the Deadlands in its Gates of Oblivion event

Regular players of The Elder Scrolls Online are likely familiar with how the MMORPG likes to kick off events that invite players back into...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Update 40 and Endless Archive content are live on console today

Console Elder Scrolls Online players, your last major update of 2023 has officially arrived today as Update 40 goes live, two weeks after the...

Elder Scrolls Online’s update 40 and Endless Archive repeatable content launch October 30

As promised, last night ZeniMax Online unveiled Elder Scrolls Online's fourth big update of 2023 and the Necrom-backed plotline, and it's maybe not what...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go delivered a merely average Go Fest, bugs and all

This year's Pokemon Go Global Go Fest 2023 has officially ended, and it was... OK. It could've been a lot worse. Last year's Go...
Seriously, though, whatever.

Casually Classic: Hardcore realms are merely a Band-Aid for WoW Classic

Let's pause for a hot minute to absorb the fact that WoW Classic just hit its fourth anniversary. For the reheated leftovers of an...

Massively on the Go: Our planning guide for Pokemon Go Global Go Fest 2023

While the timing and quantity of events change each year, Pokemon Go is holding its globalĀ Go Fest 2023 August 26th and 27th this round....

Massively Overthinking: Why don’t MMOs try harder to foster great guilds?

MOP reader Mahaf1089 posed an interesting question beneath a WoW Factor column earlier this month, one that clearly resonated with our readers because it...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Arcanist class hopes you like the color green

At its Vegas community event yesterday, ZeniMax Online Studios deep-dived the Arcanist class coming to The Elder Scrolls Online in the Necrom expansion. "With the...

Casually Classic: 20 tips for surviving the WoW Classic community’s hardcore mode

"Just one more hour of WoW Classic. One more hour, then I'll go and play something serious. Or be a productive member of society....

Tower of Fantasy adds underwater content and new story, revamps leveling, and launches new events

The day has come for what looks like Tower of Fantasy's biggest update yet. Version 2.4, aka the one about going underwater, is now...

Lost Ark protects its market from gold farmers, casts The Witchers’ Geralt into oblivion

After over a month in the game, Lost Ark is bidding farewell to its oddball pairing with The Witcher and sending poor Geralt into...

Tamriel Infinium: Elder Scrolls Online’s Necrom is more fanservice, but I don’t hate it

In my last column covering Elder Scrolls Online, I came to two conclusions based on the very rocky year of 2022 for the game:...

Elder Scrolls Online reveals Shadow Over Morrowind, the Necrom chapter, and the Arcanist class

Latest updates are at the bottom of the article! ZeniMax Online Studios is just about to begin its big reveal showcase stream for Elder...

Elder Scrolls Online teasers hint at Hermaeus Mora’s presence in the 2023 storyline

With layoffs looming, a new cadence plan, and a big reveal set for next week, The Elder Scrolls Online team is having one hell...
How charmingly old world.

New World dev Q&A tackles botting issues, armor changes, and hippos

For its first developer video of the year, New World's team came out in force to answer a number of pressing community questions in...

The MOP Up: Final Fantasy Record Keeper meets its finality

We're a little late to the party on this, but friend of the site Connor pointed out that Square Enix shut down yet another...

The Stream Team: Zapping Guild Wars 2’s Zhaitan

Although it has taken her years to finally even get to it, Massively OP's MJ is on the cusp of finishing the Guild Wars...
There's always something to fight!

Epic MMO Battles of History: Azeroth vs. Final Fantasy XIV antagonists

Not every single game is comparable to every other game. That's just the reality of things. Comparing every Mega Man game to every Castlevania...

The Daily Grind: Are MMOs obsessed with suffering?

Today we're going to play a game I like to call "I saw a cool thread on Reddit months ago and saved the link,...

Perfect Ten: 10 Final Fantasy XIV musical tracks that absolutely slap

Everyone knows that people who play Final Fantasy XIV will not shut up about the game's music. This includes me. I will not shut...