Elder Scrolls Online invites players back to Blackwood and the Deadlands in its Gates of Oblivion event


Regular players of The Elder Scrolls Online are likely familiar with how the MMORPG likes to kick off events that invite players back into previous expansion areas, and now it’s time for 2021’s Blackwood chapter to have its turn with the Gates of Oblivion celebration event.

Like other events of this kind, players can clear daily and weekly quests in either the Blackwood or Deadlands zones to snag a reward box full of various Oblivion-themed goodies, including recipes, overland set items, a sellable treasure, or a style page for the new Y’ffre’s Fallen-Wood armor. Additional goodie boxes can also be gathered up from taking part in other activities across Blackwood, and there are the usual impresario tickets to gather up and spend.

For those who own the related DLC packs or are subscribed to ESO, there’s lots of Oblivion-flavored goodies to gather from now until November 28th. Assuming you like spicy flavors, anyway; we assume Oblivion tastes very zesty.

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