RuneScape pits players against an evil dragon in the Battle for Forinthry update


The fight against a very grumpy giga-lizard was already foretold, and this week will bring that battle to life, as RuneScape’s new Vorkath, Battle for Forinthry has gone live in the latest content update.

“Upon the freezing shores of Ungael, Zemouregal has awoken the ancient dragon Vorkath – now he intends to use this new-found power to wipe your Fort clean off the map. This would allow the full might of his undead armies to crash into the realms of Misthalin and sow chaos! It is up to you to stop him – with the help of denizens of Fort Forinthry…”

This new update will make players fight through a siege of Fort Forinthry in order to face off against the titular dargon Vorkath and the villainous Zemouregal. Clearing the battle will unlock a new daily boss fight and reward players with materials needed to craft Dracolich Ranged power armor as well as a new Necromancy incantation and a new pet. Players can also work towards the Vorkath Death Guard and Lantern overrides in the Vorkath Hunt equipment event.

This week’s patch additionally applies a bug fix for the Evil Dave’s Big Day Out quest, reopens Varrock Sewers and Edgeville dungeon for non-subscribers, and reintroduces the Varrock lodestone noticeboard, but it’s mostly about fighting that mean ol’ dragon.

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