RuneScape adds a new boss fight November 20, Old School RuneScape confirms Leagues IV for November 15


I’m now convinced that dragons are made of cat software installed into reptilian hardware; they would much rather sleep for long periods of time, and when they awaken they get the destructive zoomies. That’s the case for the draconic threat headed for RuneScape when it releases Vorkath, Battle for Forinthry on Monday, November 20th.

“Zemouregal has succeeded in resurrecting the ancient dragon Vorkath on Ungael. Together with his undead army, Zemouregal plans to destroy all of Varrock – and only Fort Forinthry stands in his way.”

This new quest and associated boss battle will let players face Zemouregal and Vorkath in a deadly duel, which can be fought with any combat style in story, normal, or hard difficulties in solo play or in a group. The patch that adds the new quest will also bring a new event that hands out Necromancy cosmetics for completing various tasks.

The Vorkath update headlines other features coming to RuneScape through the remainder of 2023, including a new Christmas village on November 27th, Community Hitlist updates on December 4th and 11th, and continued graphical updates. The roadmap post shared by Jagex offers more details.

Meanwhile in Old School RuneScape, Leagues IV Trailblazer Reloaded has gotten a release date of Wednesday, November 15th, along with a whole post that summarizes the event, previews its rewards, and shares an FAQ related to the whole affair. The post also has a calendar that recounts previous reveals and promises additional unveilings in the days leading up to the mode’s return.

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