Pirate 101 has a surprise mobile spinoff called Pirate101 Plunder Hunt


Every so often, something comes across our desks at Massively OP that makes us go, “Huh,” and then say louder across the office, “Did any of you know that this was a thing?” This is usually followed by shrugs and a call by Chris to pipe down because he’s sleeping off a gaming bender in his cubicle hammock.

This is what made us go “huh” this week: Pirate101 has a mobile spin-off game called Pirate101: Plunder Hunt. Huh. This isn’t that old, actually, having soft launched in the latter weeks of October. It’s not a mobile port of Pirate101 but rather a new title with its own development team and a more action-adventure slant. Players who progress through enough of the mobile game will get a code for a free Batacuda mount in Pirate101, if that interests you.

Pirate101: Plunder Hunt can be picked up on Google Play and the App Store.

“We’re always looking for what will be next for us as a company and one thing is clear — we want to expand our existing IPs and continue the Spiral’s stories in new and unexpected ways,” KingsIsle said. “Now we are taking the first step towards making that a reality!”

Source: Pirate101
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