Warhammer Online, a defunct MMORPG
Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade, a PvP MMO
Warhammer: Wrath of Heroes, a defunct MOBA

waugh? okay

Warhammer Return of Reckoning celebrates 10 years with a week of freebies and boosts

It's official: The rogue server that is Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning has now lived twice as long as the original MMORPG, as the...

Warhammer Online’s Return of Reckoning rogue server adds new live event, revamps dungeons

Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning continues to bolster its reputation of being one of the hardest-working rogue server teams out there by pumping out...

Vague Patch Notes: Why do so many MMOs fail?

We talk a lot about MMOs that fail here on Massively Overpowered. I wrote a whole column about how our standards of success are...

Massively Overthinking: Is tab targeting a problem in MMORPGs?

This past weekend, MMO designer Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street lobbed another bomb rather cavalierly into the MMORPG discourse, this one about tab targeting. And maybe...

The Game Archaeologist: Runes of Magic, an MMO that made millions disappear

In more ways than one, the year 2004 was a pivotal one for the MMORPG community. Even as games like City of Heroes, EverQuest...

Echoes of Elysium’s Jeff Hickman talks lore, airship fleets, and Loric’s current development

Loric Games has been on our radar for a few years now, being a studio founded by Mythic Entertainment vets, and last month, the...

Warhammer Return of Reckoning hosts a Return to Warhammer event this weekend

If you've ever wanted to see why people loved Warhammer Online back in the day and somehow haven't ever managed to take a spin...

Warhammer Online Return of Reckoning begins public testing of combat updates and class tweaks

The world of Warhammer Online rogue server Return of Reckoning is a pretty fighty place. That's not really a surprise considering the setting of...

New World talks buffs and nerfs for weapons and siege weapons coming in May

Amazon is back with another episode of Forged in Aeternum this week, this time homing in on New World's combat, although technically, player experience...
City again.

Perfect Ten: MMOs that experienced a surprising comeback

It's hard to pass up a really good comeback story. We love it when a beloved something or someone is counted down and out......

Q4 2023: NetEase’s revenues soar as the company invests in the western gaming industry

I am not sure whether it's dawned on MMORPG fans yet, but NetEase is doing a lot more than jousting with Blizzard and milking...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO is the worst at balancing its classes?

A few weeks back - and before we realized the game was slated for execution - MOP's Sam wrote a piece about balance in...

Loric Games, founded by Mythic vets, picks up fresh investment and Jeff Hickman to build a survival game

Remember back in 2022, when we first learned a trio of Mythic vets - Brian Johnson, Ray Soto, and Mythic co-founder Rob Denton -...

One Shot: Surveying my domain

Good day, captain! Now that you've been beamed down by your mutinous crew and marooned on an ice planet, you might as well enjoy...

Perfect Ten: The weirdest weapons from MMOs of yore

Swords. Staffs. Maces. Spears. Wands. Bows. Crossbows. Double-crossbows. Hammers. Wolverine claws. Daggers. Axes. Deadly? Yes. Fashionable? Not so much. A two-handed sword is so...
Something fell.

The Game Archaeologist’s ultimate MMO archives v7.0

Once again we put a wrap on another year of MMORPG news, opinions, and -- most pertinent to this column -- history. In a...

End-of-Year Eleven: All the upcoming MMOs to watch in 2024 and beyond

We've said it before, but this time we really mean it: The future of MMORPGs looks amazing. Contrary to years when we've seen only...

The best MassivelyOP community Daily Grinds of 2023

This traditional roundup of the best Daily Grinds of the year is actually one of my favorites because it demonstrates just how long we've...

Choose My Adventure: All of the MMOs you made us play in 2023, from Guild Wars to Gorgon

Well here we are, my friends. It's always such a pleasure. Remember when your votes killed me twice? OK, maybe that's being overdramatic, but...
waugh? okay

The MOP Up: Warhammer Online’s Return of Reckoning ‘chickens out’

Return of Reckoning's rogue server changed how combat buffs worked and added a new level 40 quest that pays out in, er, a "Chicken...