Warhammer Return of Reckoning hosts a Return to Warhammer event this weekend


If you’ve ever wanted to see why people loved Warhammer Online back in the day and somehow haven’t ever managed to take a spin on the Warhammer Return of Reckoning rogue server, this weekend is a good time to do so. That’s because the player devs have launched a Return to Warhammer event complete with Twitch drops and boosted experience.

“On the weekend of May 10th to 13th, a Tier 1 Leveling Event will be held for Return of Reckoning, featuring x2 Renown increase for all Tier 1 RvR Zones. The aim of this event is to assist leveling new characters but also to encourage inviting new players and your friends to try out RoR, as it will be the best time to get some easy boost starting out!”

Earlier this week, the server opened up the Wild Hunt live event, which still running through the 13th of May, along with updates to AOE mechanics, proc mechanics, class balance, open RvR armor loot, the Tome of Knowledge, and dungeons – including the returning but revamped Hunter’s Vale dungeon. The team is also touting a new download and installation tutorial to ensure newbies can get in smoothly. Have fun, folks!

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