Glitch reboot releases early demo version, opens Discord and Patreon for funding


Almost two years ago now, the two key Glitch successors – Eleven and Chrildren of Ur – joined forces to rescue the MMO from its sunsetted fate. Glitch, of course, was the adorable but short-lived sandbox from TinySpeck, which was led by the founder of Flickr and later Slack. Unlike many MMO companies, TinySpeck granted players the rights to preserve and reboot the game, so the preservation efforts are all being done in the open with the blessing of the original studio.

We haven’t heard a whole lot from the new joint-team working on the revival, though, apart from stress testing last spring. But in January, Odd Giants delivered an update, followed by a Discord server and Patreon this week.

“We’re officially releasing the initial demo version of the game, where you can join in, explore the world customize your character, and have some chat with a friend!” the team wrote on Facebook. “Register now on our website at (or in-game) and download the game for Windows, Linux, and macOS!”

Odd Giants also promises it’ll be “publishing more info more regularly now” and dropping “more and frequent development news and perhaps a roadmap or two.” There are some new pics too, demonstrating the implementation of resources and Quoins in the gameworld.

Source: Facebook

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I know that the handful of people that played this game really seemed to like it. I hope this works out well for everyone involved.

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Genuinely forgot that the Glitch reboots never really got far and were still in pre-alpha. I assumed they were just operating in the ether all these years.