Nexon saw a record 2020 revenue haul thanks to MapleStory and FIFA


With an emphasis on MapleStory’s continuing success and a push into “new markets,” Nexon settled out 2020 rather well for itself. Its Q4 2020 financial report shows a decline in global revenue for the quarter, the worst chunk of the year, resulting in a quarterly net loss owing largely to deferred tax liabilities and foreign exchange losses. But it was still up 35% year-over-year and racked up a record-high overall year, so not shabby at all. Nexon attributes the gains largely to FIFA Online and MapleStory.

The company is expecting a “flattish” first quarter 2021, with growth from MapleStory and decreases in Dungeon & Fighter. It’s also got a raft of MMOs still pushing to mobile, including Dungeon & Fighter and Mabinogi –┬áno surprise since 41% of the company’s revenue comes from mobile.

I do have to say my favorite bit of these is when Nexon releases revenue charts with zero actual revenue values. We get another of these in the latest presentation. But it’s got a cute monkey, so it’s OK.

Fortunately, the rest of the report is a little more specific on “numbers.”

In other Nexon news, MapleStory M picked up a new class this week: Xenon, who can “equip both Thief and Pirate gear. Xenon uses both Mana and a class-specific energy supply for his skills, all while wielding a lethal energy whip that can cut through nearly anything.”

Source: Nexon IR, press release
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