Blade & Soul II begins pre-registration in Korea as a showcase video shares gameplay details

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We know that the MMO Blade & Soul II is on our horizon here in the west sometime this year, but that horizon has gotten a bit closer in its native South Korea as the game kicked off pre-registration for the game in the region yesterday, complete with another teaser trailer.

The beginning of pre-registration also saw the premiere of a pre-recorded showcase presentation with NCsoft founder Kim Taek-Jin, who offered a variety of additional gameplay details for the upcoming MMO.

First off, while the game is a mobile title, Blade & Soul II will also be available on PC and will be cross-platform, with plans to be added to console and cloud gaming platforms in the future. As for where this game falls in the timeline, it reportedly isn’t a sequel so much as a brand new story within the original game’s world. On the subject of the game’s world, that will feature new locations to discover and bosses to conquer.

As for combat, that’s getting a major revamp in the sequel: Combat will feature active blocking and dodging mechanics and reportedly even make use of the terrain, while characters won’t have classes so much as have their combat style tied to one of six weapons — axe, gauntlet, sword, bow and arrow, Force focus, and ritual bell. Additionally, weapons will have traits that have an effect on combat.

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