Craftopia’s newest update adds spears, a new biome, and tree planting


The latest patch for Craftopia lets you pick up red envelopes from cows as part of a New Year’s celebration. Perhaps you can do so after killing those cows with your newest weapon, the Spear. Yes, the update has a lot of meat to it, and some of that includes the new ability to turn your enemies into kebabs with the long-reaching spear that offers powerful buffs for throwing the weapon after successfully completing the main combo sequence.

Players can also opt for a more wholesome option aside from spearing things by just planting and growing trees, using saplings and growth formula to add more trees to their hearts’ content. Or they can take their spears into new territory within the Snowy Mountain biome, containing white bears and the new field boss Fenrir. There are a lot of options, in other words. Check out the full set of patch notes to get a complete rundown; there’s a lot to work with down to the bedrock.

Oh, yes, restoring bedrock is a thing now, too. Like we said, it’s meaty.

Source: Steam
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