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Craftopia’s upcoming Seamless World update will feature weather, NPC settlements, and refined combat

The name of Craftopia's next major content injection is Seamless World, so naturally most people would expect that creating the titular seamless world is...

Craftopia checks in with another preview of its developing open world update

Craftopia is still working on the seamless map update it announced in July of 2021. Don't believe me? Then perhaps this update post on...

The MOP Up: Craftopia gets a rush from its bosses

The ultimate PvE dungeon just arrived in Craftopia, challenging players to wade through the elite of the monster corps in an effort to gain...

Not So Massively: Nothing can prepare you for Craftopia’s weirdness

While I like many survival mechanics, I've struggled to get into actual survival games. Despite that, I've kept one eye on the early access...

The MOP Up: Ravendawn wraps up ‘epic’ Alpha 4 test

The Ravendawn team reported that it recently wrapped up a successful and "epic" Alpha 4 test. Now all attention is aimed at Alpha 5...

Open-world critter catching survivalbox Palworld shares a colorful world of captured monster exploitation

Remember Palworld? We spotlighted this title in June 2021: It's a multiplayer open-world survival title from Pocketpair (the developers of Craftopia) that lets players...
A tope of craf.

Multiplayer sandbox Craftopia shares new preview of its seamless world update

Last July, the quirky and colorful survival sandbox of Craftopia unveiled plans to release a seamless map update that would effectively put the kibosh...
Fight deities.

The MOP Up: Fiesta Online adds new servers

Anime MMO Fiesta Online's heart grew two sizes bigger this past week thanks to the addition of a pair of servers -- one for...

The MOP Up: World War II hands over toolsets to players

World War II Online is renewing a focus to be "player-driven" by giving all high-level premium players a High Command toolset to fiddle around...

The MOP Up: Stardew Valley creator moves on to haunted chocolate

Reader Jinarra shared with us the news that Stardew Valley creator ConcernedApe announced that he's finally moving on to a new project called Haunted...

Craftopia patches up stability and performance for Xbox players with content arriving on September 30

Xbox players are just like any other group of players insofar as they like their games to perform well, be free of bugs, and...

Global Chat: World of Warcraft’s kick in the pants, Guild Wars 2’s choice paralysis

What happens when an MMORPG gets a big kick in the pants from both critical lashings and a company-wide scandal? It may actually get...

Craftopia arrives to Windows and Xbox Game Preview, plans its summer update for September 30

It's been a while since we checked in on the developing survival sandbox of Craftopia, and boy is it good we're peeking back in...

The Stream Team: Making a return trip to Craftopia’s latest early access build

Last time MOP's Chris took a crack at Craftopia's early access build, it was still just evolving, with a fair bit of potential surrounded...

Craftopia introduces a pet system, firearms, and ‘the concept of the chunk’ in latest update

Just as promised, the multiplayer survival sandbox of Craftopia has released another broad and diverse content update that includes the addition of pets, guns,...

Craftopia developer announces co-op survival builder Palworld

Prepare for imminent cuteness because Craftopia developer Pocketpair just announced a cel-shaded survival builder slated to come out in 2022. This new project is...

Craftopia updates its roadmap with plans for level cap increases, pet systems, creative mode, and guns

Yes, you read that right. Craftopia has big plans on its roadmap, and its next update planned on June 23rd is adding fun stuff like...

Early access title Craftopia patches in a new biome, new gear, and new skills for spring

The latest Craftopia patch has arrived for the game's early access, and it contains what may be the greatest patch note of all time within...

The MOP Up: World of Warships comes to the Epic Games Store

Big boats need a big harbor, and Epic Games Store certainly can provide that. Wargaming announced this past week that World of Warships is...

Craftopia’s newest update adds spears, a new biome, and tree planting

The latest patch for Craftopia lets you pick up red envelopes from cows as part of a New Year's celebration. Perhaps you can do so...