Palworld previews a new raid boss coming with its next update


Palworld already has boss monsters you can fight in the field as well as boss fights in certain towers, but the survival sandbox’s next update is going to be specifically bringing in a raid boss for players to take on, complete with a dramatic entrance to match.

Developer Pocketpair is a bit thin on details about this new fight, particularly in the case of the update’s release, but the teaser trailer announces this raid target as Bellanoir, whose arrival is heralded by a big red explosion and a bunch of meteors falling from the sky (despite it looking like a dark type Pal).

In addition to this new raid boss, the forthcoming update promises additional bug fixing and some new anti-cheat measures “to make the game more comfortable for everyone.” In the meantime, you can see the new raid fight target in the preview below, which is decidedly trying to make players less comfortable.

sources: YouTube, Steam
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