RIFT expedites server transfers while extending the rift hunter event


The great RIFT server merge of 2024 looms on the imminent horizon as Gamigo continues to shepherd players off of the soon-to-be-closed realms. To aid in this migration, the studio said that it’s lifted the max character limit for transfers “temporarily,” which should allow for the preservation of entire rosters.

There is a caveat to this: “However, please keep in mind that not all characters can be displayed at the same time, which is why we recommend not exceeding 14 characters as the maximum limit.”

The deadline for Faeblight, Hailol, and Seastone players to evacuate their characters to other worlds is March 25th, after which those toons may be lost or forcibly moved.

Gamigo also announced that it’s extending the brand-new Rift Hunter event by two additional weeks.

Source: Discord
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