Palworld plans player testing of ‘exciting new content’ and continues its parade of creature feature videos


Pocketpair’s survival sandbox hit Palworld, like many other titles before it, is doing the “testing early builds of an early access game” thing. Earlier this month the game’s official Discord opened applications for a public testing realm that’s designed to help kick the tires of “exciting new content” patches.

Both the announcement and the application form itself make it clear that this testing branch is intended for gathering feedback and hunting bugs, not for playing new content early. Other listed requirements include being a member of the game’s Discord community and being able to answer questionnaires in English or Japanese.

There’s no timetable on when applications close or what content features are being added, but considering the game has been without an update in almost a month, ideally more new things are coming soon like the new raid boss. The game is otherwise continuing to roll out Pal highlight reels on its YouTube channel, with vignettes that focus on Reindrix, Blazamut, and Petallia.

sources: Discord, Steam, YouTube
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