World of Warships brings asymmetric battles and the USS Wisconsin in its April update


A fresh content update is on the horizon for World of Warships in mid-April, and it’s bringing on a big new ship for fans to command alongside a new game mode, among other goodies.

The headline feature for this update is the arrival of the USS Wisconsin, which is not only noteworthy for being a Tier X battleship with impressive firepower and unique abilities, but is also arriving in time for the 80th anniversary of her real-life launch. The in-game ship will be earnable through a new Dockyard, while WoWS developer Wargaming is sponsoring complimentary tickets for former and active service members and discounted tickets for dependents to visit the Nauticus museum in Norfolk, VA, which is celebrating “Big Wisky’s” commission.

Another major piece of the update is the introduction of asymmetric battles, which pit five human players against 12 bot opponents. These battles feature Tier VI–X ships including superships, with a required maximum tier difference of one between ships for the human team, while bots will control ships up to two tiers lower.

Other features of this incoming update include a new camoflauge that features a unique explosion effect for destroyed opponents, a Golden Week event pass, two new combat mission chains, and a variety of adjustments and bug fixes. The patch has been in public testing since last week, but fans can get a tentative look at what’s ahead.

sources: press release, official site
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