Perfect Ten: 10 amazing hidden quests in World of Warcraft


Finding quests in World of Warcraft is not exactly what you would call “difficult,” as the game famously stuck giant floating exclamation marks over quest givers and slapped notations all over the game map. But what Blizzard hasn’t telegraphed is the fact that for years now, the studio’s been slipping secret quests into its MMO.

Some of these quests are small, out-of-the-way vignettes, but several of them are notoriously obscure, difficult, and lengthy. There’s even a dedicated sub-community of WoW players who have banded together to root out these hidden quests and solve them together.

In today’s list, we’ll look at 10 amazing secret quests that have been hiding underneath your nose all this time!


For those of you diving back into WoW Classic, you can re-experience one of vanilla’s most famous secret questlines by getting to know a little gnome called Linken. This 13-part  chain takes place in Un’goro Crater and heavily homages The Legend of Zelda with its quest titles, objects, and character. Sure, everyone knows about this one, but this list really wouldn’t be complete without it.

The Postmaster

If you ever wondered how the mail got delivered all around Azeroth and wanted to go “behind the scenes” of the game’s virtual post office, you can start on a fascinating adventure into a secret underbelly of Dalaran with this chain. There you’ll take on the role of an assistant postmaster who will go on some weird adventures, help sort the mail with a minigame, and ultimately get a really helpful toy that lets you access mail from anywhere in the game.

The Hivemind

One of the game’s most unique mounts can only be attained by going on a combination scavenger/puzzle hunt across several continents. There are jumping puzzles, mazes, and plenty of rip-your-hair-out brainteasers that are standing between you and your final destination. This is one quest chain that’s best done as a group, as your “graduating class,” so to speak, can all share the mount and increase its speed as they do so.


Part of the allure of secret quests is that it pits the studio against the players in a battle of wits. You have to think that Blizzard is patting itself on the back as even now, players are still trying to unravel a mystery around a fluffy cat named Jenafur that was put into the game almost a year ago.

“We’ve noticed a rising interest from WoW players about a mystery that was introduced to the game 11 months ago — Jenafur,” the studio tweeted in late August. “We appreciate the power of this community and wish you luck solving the secret!”

Waist of Time

What does a demonic goat and a fashionable timepiece have to do with each other? You’ll find out if you embark on Battle for Azeroth’s Waist of Time quest, which involves a huge scavenger hunt, making a new friend, and solving no less than 21 clues. But the end result is a really unique belt that will make you the envy of your friends!

Lucid Nightmare

You want a dark unicorn? Heck, who doesn’t! Well, you’re really going to have to work hard for it, because the Lucid Nightmare is no walk in the park. It involves solving a half-dozen puzzles across the game, ending with the fiendishly complex Endless Halls maze. I spent a week of my life in this maze once, finally emerging victorious. Was it worth it? Yes… but I never want to do it again.


This story surrounding the ghost of a dead Draenei kid is one of my favorite experiences from Legion. Just getting her is a bit of a hassle in the first place, but that’s only the start to her adventures. From there, you go on a world-hopping quest to bring her out of the darkness, give her various accessories, and even rescue her from a ghostnapping. By the time you’re done with this quest, you’ll no doubt feel very connected with this character and want to summon her as often as possible.


I wanted to include at least one Warlords of Draenor entry on this list, and Pepe seemed like the best candidate. He’s an adorable little bird that takes a little work to befriend, but once you do you can collect a dozen costumes to dress him up however you feel like that day. Viking Pepe? Voodoo Pepe? Scarecrow Pepe? It’s up to you!

Riddler’s Mind-Worm

These super-secret questlines really started ramping up in frequency in Legion. The Riddler’s Mind-Worm is actually one of the easier ones, requiring a bit of hunting around the world (and through time) for lost pages before being able to summon a wicked-looking flying eel mount.

Sun Darter Hatchling

If you want to attain this gorgeous butterfly-like dragon pet, then you’re really going to have to go through the ringer. The Sun Darter Hatchling mostly involves progressing through a puzzle cave in Winterspring. If you can make it through eight rooms, then the cute little bugger will be yours!

Everyone likes a good list, and we are no different! Perfect Ten takes an MMO topic and divvies it up into 10 delicious, entertaining, and often informative segments for your snacking pleasure. Got a good idea for a list? Email us at or with the subject line “Perfect Ten.”
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