Palworld unveils plans to release a PvP arena feature sometime this year


Yes, you read that headline correctly: The PvE-minded co-operative survivalbox that is Palworld is going to be getting a PvP arena, which will let players face off with their best critter teams in direct combat – and it’s arriving sometime this year.

The teaser trailer hitched to the reveal doesn’t provide too much in the way of specifics, but does confirm it’s 1v1, as player characters will be joined by their three favorite Pals in a very bare bones colosseum pit. It’s all rather direct, but then this sort of thing arguably doesn’t really need much in terms of fluff.

While the video offers a release window of summer 2024, Pocketpair quickly reneged on the timing, simply saying that it’s working hard to get the feature in-game in 2024. What is being worked on for a summer update is a new island with a new species of Pal, new buildings, and new weapons. Either way, there are some big things coming to the world of Pals this year.

Incidentally, while putting together the header image, I was inspired to make a little Helldivers 2 meme because the game has given me the brainworms. Even with that themeing, I’m pretty sure MMO players of all stripes can appreciate the mood of a level gap disparity.

sources: Steam, Twitter
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