Craftopia releases its spring update with future technology, mithril, and more

Breath of the Whatever

It really would have been easy to just sort of kick Craftopia into the dumpster when Pocketpair had an actual runaway success on its hands in the form of Palworld, but the game is still chugging along and has just received its spring update. And it’s a springy update indeed, as it includes future technology as a new technological era complete with motocross bikes, shark hoverboards, and submachine guns! Sure, crafting is great, but isn’t it better when you craft a hail of bullets? We’re assuming yes.

This update also brings the new metal mithril, which can be turned into all sorts of fun things like swords, axes, spears, swords, arrows, swords, or swords. (That’s not just a joke; the update notes list one-handed swords, two-handed swords, and just swords as separate line items.) Check out the full list of changes for all of the improvements in the game now and get ready to craft yourself a shiny new set of swords to ride your sick motocross bike while slashing.

Source: Steam
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