Multiplayer hide-and-seek game Midnight Ghost Hunt makes its full release March 21


Back in 2022 we threw a spotlight on Midnight Ghost Hunt, a multiplayer 4v4 game of hide-and-seek in the same vein as Prop Hunt and Witch It, only players who are hiding have opportunities to menace the hunters. The game has been in early access since March of that year, making updates along the way including a creepy carnival map.

The biggest update of the game’s life cycle is about to happen soon, as developer Vaulted Sky Games has announced the game will leave early access on Thursday, March 21st. The announcement heralds all of the maps, hero props, skins, and weapons that were added over the course of early access, along with updates in 1.0 to the game’s maps, from visual updates to full reworks designed to improve the flow of play. Players can also expect better bot AI, new visuals, and a refinement of the hunter van.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is still available for $20 on Steam and the Epic Games Store, but that price will likely go up according to its Steam page; what that price will be has not been announced.

sources: press release, Steam
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