Midnight Ghost Hunt invites players to a creepy new carnival in the multiplayer spook-em-up

Because we just can't have non-creepy carnivals in games, now can we


We’re almost into the spooky season in gaming, and there are few games that embrace that more than Midnight Ghost Hunt, the early access multiplayer prop-hunting game that crossed our desk this past June where ghost players can do more than just play hide and seek; they can actively harm the hunters. And if that prospect didn’t already put you on edge, then how about experiencing that gameplay in a creepy carnival setting?

The new carnival map, called Mr. Giggle’s Happyland, is part of the title’s Update 2 and features an assortment of locations for hunters to be wary of and ghosts to take advantage of, like an eerie merry-go-round, the Alien Arcade, a Wild West Saloon with bumper cars, and a haunted mansion complete with dangerous animatronics. Joy.

This update also adds a new ghost ability that lets them deflect ranged projectiles for a few seconds (but doesn’t protect against melee attacks), new hero props like a mallet-wielding jack-in-the-box, some new hunter skins, and several new titles. As for the game’s future, the devs at Vaulted Sky Games are promising dedicated servers and host migration features are coming soon. In the meanwhile, there’s a creepy-ass park to hunt in.

sources: press release, Steam
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