Antilia unleashes its wild side in the realm of multiplayer sandbox design


Mentally shopping around for an open world sandbox with as much freedom as your imagination allows? Mosey on over to Antilia, a new fantasy multiplayer title that puts an emphasis on world immersion, building construction, character customization, and even player mods. It’s got a kind of cute look to it, with some slick UI design and furry inhabitants.

The developers at Right Brain Games plan to allow players to build across the game world — within limits: “Antilia features a dynamic structure system with ‘building pads’ which are scattered across Forra and abundant in cities. To build or expand a structure a character must first claim or purchase the lot. After purchasing a lot a structure can be built and expanded upon it.”

Antilia is currently in development and is being funded by Patreon. Right Brain Games promises it will not monetize with pay-to-win items, real-world currency, or NFTs and the like.

Source: Antilia. Thanks Bhagpuss!
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